Office on holidays?

Would you like to have something like temporary office? You probably ask me “Why?”. I will explain it to you.
Sometimes we would like to go for a holiday trip but we have so many things to do at work so we are not going anywhere. This is not a smart approach. You can have both! What would you say about a temporary office in a tent? That is an innovative idea.

Tent accomodation will be perfect for you. You can go to the forest or to the lake and the tent is everything that you need. Go, have some fun! Take some food with you like canned food – corn, beans, peas, tuna, salmon, tomatoes and you will be just fine. Do not forget about the water. You must drink sometimes. Except food take some paperwork with you, your laptop, smartphone and a power bank. If you do not have it already, buy one. It will be helpful. Nowadays, power banks are very popular and not that expensive.
Before you go – plan your journey. Look at the map, calculate the distance between your home and the place of destination. Do you have a tent? If not, go to the nearest sports shop and buy one. Temporary tent will be good for you. Do you need a tent only for you or maybe for some additional persons? There are tents for one, two, three, even for five persons. But if you would like to sit in silence, have some rest, but also have time to work, maybe it is better, if you go alone. Just think about it: imagine the water in the lake, leaves on the trees, a bonfire, pleasant summer wind… It sounds awesome. Don’t you think?